Big League Bucket 3 in 1 Baseball training tool and Baseball Training Aids


  • BAT SPEED, POWER, AND CONSISTENCY - All in one baseball training tool and aid!   AirTEE(baseball tees), Soft Toss, and Pitching Machine in one device!

  • REPS - REPS - REPS  - Coaches and Players, Imagine a baseball training aid that gives 600 quality swings in an hour.  81 Ball Capacity!

  • ​TRAIN ANYWHERE - Soft Toss and Baseball tee work in any 10ft x 10 ft area such as;  basement, garage, gymnasium,  or outdoors.

  • CHALLENGING and FUN Baseball Traing Aids -  Fastballs, Curves , Sliders, and a baseball tee that auto loads a wobbling floating ball.

  • SAFE - Baseball training tool great for any age ball player.  Soff foam balls eliminate fear and increase confidence.

AirTEE - Air Suspended Batting TEE
Soft Toss - Precision Soft Toss

Pitch-Fastball, Slider, Curve

  • Auto loads a ball every 6 seconds
  • Hovering ball creates Ultimate REAL hit feel
  • NEW!  - Adjustable ball height from 24" to 34"
  • Develops fine eye-hand coordination
  • Challenging and Fun Baseball training tool


Adjustable TEE  Height

​24" - 34"

Video - See it in ACTION!


"Soft Toss is the best!"

                                  Coach J. 

3 in 1

Basebal Training Tool

​Starting @ $199

"I love the curveball setting!"

                                   Tanner B.

Join the hundreds of players that have taken advantage of this patent pending game changing baseball training aid and help your team win a State Championship like these State Champions did ....  read more.

  • Lightly tosses ball to be hit
  • Adjustable for any size/age player
  • Up to 81 tosses before a needed reload
  • Toss from front, side, back
  • ​Best Baseball training aid drills
  • Fastball, Curveballs, Sliders 
  • Up to 4 speed settings 
  • Over 8 minutes of continuous pitches
  • Audio pitch indicator 
  • Accurate and reliable pitches
  • Engaging Baseball Training Aid


"Provide ball players and coaches with the baseball training aids and baseball equipment necessary to develop a quick, powerful, and consistent swing in order to meet their personal and team goals ... in short WIN!​"

Developing today's ball players into tomorrows CHAMPIONS!!!