Affordable, Effective and FUN Baseball Training Aid!


  • BAT SPEED, POWER, AND CONSISTENCY - All in one baseball pitching machines!   Air TEE, Soft Toss, and Pitching in one device!

  • ​TRAIN ANYWHERE - Requires a 10ft by 10 ft area in a basement, garage, or ourdoors.

  • CHALLENGING and FUN Baseball Traing Aids -  Fastballs, Curves , Sliders, and wobbling floating balls keep players challenged and engaged.

  • SAFE - Foam Balls NOT hard whiffle balls, safe and scuff free.

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The Big league bucket Story ...

Hi my name is Marc Backowski, Father, Coach, and Inventor of the Big League Bucket. ​Like so many other coaches and baseball parents, I searched for ways to help my sons and players become better hitters and in the process purchased almost every swing training tool, aid, baseball pitching machines, and hitting gimmick along the way.  I all but gave up when it struck me, if the right baseball training tool does not exist, maybe I should make it!  Simple idea right, well 5 years and 50 prototypes later, the patent pending Big League Bucket was born!

​​After conducting two test groups that both had amazing success (see Team Success)  I launched the Big League Bucket at a small local sports show in Minneapolis, MN hoping to sell 10 units.  Amazingly I sold double that and shortly thereafter sold out my entire supply!  As a coach that has managed 3 State Championship teams I have a general rule, "If you can hit the ball I WILL FIND YOU A SPOT ON MY TEAM!".   I don't know if every coach has this philosophy, however, I DO KNOW  if your player uses the Big League Bucket they will become a better hitter giving them the opportunity to make their team!  Thank you for visiting the site.

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Focus Balls 6pk